A year and a bit on

DSCF7407Still playing but it’s all changed a bit for us.

Firstly, Husband doesn’t play much now. Sure, he picks his guitar up now and again but he’s not really fussed about playing.

Secondly, we have a music room. Other people have a 2nd bedroom, with a bed, wardrobe and a chest of draws in. We have a room with a music stand, a desk, assorted guitars, amps, leads,  music books, sheet music and heaven only knows what in there. If anyone comes over and needs to stay the night, they can share the sofa with the dogs.

Thirdly, although I still play my beautiful Epiphone Dove, I prefer my Stratocaster now and play it every single day (except for today as I sliced my arm open and it hurts like hell).

Fourthly, I have learned a ton. It’s been a bit of knowledge swap in some ways. I learned scales but casually mentioned that Bryan Adams wasn’t singing about the year in 1969, if you know what I mean. The blush from Leigh could have warmed a medium sized street. Bless. I learned that Gary Moore was partial to a carvery on a Sunday and Leigh learned that the Kink’s Lola (L.O.L.A. Lola) was not about some lass who liked drinking cola (C.O.L.A.cola). That same street could have been warmed again.

Lastly, I work part time for Norwich Guitar Academy. Panic not, I don’t teach. Dear God no. I’m a bit more of an organisational person than a teacher. Anyway, I still can’t play Malmsteen’s Evil Eye proficiently, let alone bloomin’ Jiboom. Nope! Never going to be a teacher.

Over the last year I have acquired a gorgeous, cherry red Stratocaster. It was born in 1989 so it’s currently half my age. A rather tatty Vintage brand Strat in a sexy Seafoam Green colour – see pic. He was really tatty and unloved when we found him in a house clearance shop, see picture above. He’s been restrung, had a new pick guard and a good clean since and is generally great. Not as great as my cherry red Strat but pretty great. There may be an Epiphone Les Paul floating about the place too. There is definitely a Takamine acoustic belonging to Husband, gathering a bit of dust that I play from time to time, because I feel sorry for it. There is also a Peavey Bass that Ken plays occasionally. I have zero interest, at the moment, about learning to play it.

I have a lovely Fender Mustang amp, some headphones, pressies from Hubster. A small Yamaha practice amp and an amazing looking – but currently not working – VOX Valvtronix. We got done a bit by the music shop on that one. Not one that’s been mentioned on here before, I won’t mention the name as I don’t have getting sued on my ‘to do’ list today.

A couple of days ago, I went through all my music. Some of it didn’t have anything written on it so I played it to find out what the music was. I spent a happy couple of hours doing this. I then mentioned to Husband that I really ought to jot down which bit of music is which. He said that he heard me going through it all, did I make notes when I did that. Nope! I didn’t so I’ll have to do it again. Ho hum. I do have organisational skills really – just in case Leigh reads this. I was just having such a good time.

I really ought to be better but the nerve damage caused by that smashed up wrist causes me some issues but it’s getting better. I can’t play rhythm for toffee, even now. I should practice that more but I do get carried away with a bit of Gary Moore, Fleetwood Mac, CCR or whatever. Sometimes I just sit and practice scales for the fun of it, trying to work a bit of speed up. Interestingly, I can still type at 60 or 70 words a minute but not wield a pick and dance about the fretboard at any great speed. Bit frustrating really. Eric Johnson isn’t going to have anything to worry about from me.

Jimi Hendrix said “Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you’ll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you’re gonna be rewarded.”

I’ve never hated my guitar but I’ve been pretty fed up with not making progress and then suddenly there is a little leap forward. I just live for those little leaps. I’m aiming to be able to pay Jiboom by the time I’m old.

The adventure is just beginning, I think.



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