The next couple of weeks

Where was I?

Ah yes. Still with original lady teacher, appointment made with Norwich Guitar Academy with big, mahoosive hairy guitar virtuoso who probably doesn’t want to teach some woman who messes around with stinky dogs all day.

On my 2 week anniversary of playing, I went to my lady teacher as planned. She taught me a G chord in exactly the same way as I had been taught, for free, by Giles at PMT Norwich a fortnight before. She said something about not worrying about the minor chords just yet and gave me a couple more handouts, oh, we played Three Little Birds again. She wanted me to go from half hour lessons to hour lessons at thirty quid a time, but I was learning more from my book so I said that I would think about it and that I had to work the following Thursday so would re-book online. Lady was very nice and all, but not very effective.

The following day, Husband & I had our back to back appointment with this Leigh bloke. We arrived, on time, and tapped on his door. A cheery ‘come in’ came from the other side of the door and in we went. There was no mahoosive, hairy guitarist at all, but a young, presentable sort of lad who looked about 12 20. He grinned, said very complimentary things about my Dove and offered us comfy seats and gave a brief explanation of how he likes to start off his free lessons.

Leigh asked about what sort of music I liked to listen to (one pupil at a time, not joint questions), what I would like to play. He looked a bit stunned when I said that I liked Malmsteen, Satriani, Vai, just like normal people. Apparently most people don’t have Vai in their record collections. Most people I know do though 🙂 Maybe I just know cool people. He asked what I could play so I said D, A, E, Dm, Am, Em and G and that I could play Louis Louis by the Kingsmen, Three Little Birds (again), Common People, Love Me Do, Walk the Line etc and that I’d been playing for 2 weeks and 1 day He looked a bit stunned.

We had a natter about what I fancied learning next and taught me the beginning Back in Black (AC/DC) and a tiny teeny bit of Steve Vai’s Jiboom to practice the pull offs. All in all, a brilliant 30 minutes. Oh, not 20 at all but a much older 24, playing for over 10 years, teaching for 4 and has qualifications coming out of his ears. Figuratively, not literally. That would just be silly. I was really surprised. The lesson was really fun, we laughed a lot.

He did the same with Husband and gave homework of Everybody Hurts – REM and a tiny bit of YYZ – Rush.

We booked for the following week and went home and practiced and practiced and practiced, not quite to the bleeding fingers stage though. I figured that if my fingers bled, I’d need to not practice for a few days while they healed. I did practice for a good 30 minutes a day though.

I practiced Back in Black, the pull offs for Jiboom and then learned Everybody Hurts as the music was there, I had the time and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Husband was practicing Everybody Hurts somewhat faster than R.E.M. play it, I just figured that he was practicing the Slayer version, not that I am entirely convinced that Slayer covered it. I took one look at YYZ and decided to leave that for a week or three. Not a big Rush fan, myself.



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