I have some pretty funky homework this week

I have been learning Fleetwood Mac’s Need Your Love so Bad, which is a great track and I enjoy playing it. This week I have come home with the chorus bit from the wonderful Eric Johnson’s Cliffs of Dover. The bit from about 2:50 to 3:12. Really fun to play, or it will be when I get the hang out it a little better.

At least Leigh seems to be liking the guitar quote of the day on our Facebook page. He’s getting some ‘likes’ about it and I thought it was high time that the FB page got a bit of work. I rather like hunting for quotes every morning, cheers me right up.  Not that I’m a misery guts in the morning at all. Nooo, well not after my 2nd cup of tea anyway. I found an Eric Johnson one for today. I’ve been looking out for some funky guitar pictures to go on it too. I found a pic of some fluffy guitars, which I thought looked perfect for cold days. Just in case Leigh forgets to put the heating on. Cold hands on guitar strings really don’t work for me.

Today is a ‘going to work day’. I don’t normally much like going to work on a Saturday but I’ve been busy, Leigh has been busy so a Saturday lunchtime seemed like a good idea. Last night, at my lesson, I said that I was about all day but not to make it too early. I am allergic to getting up before 8am on a Saturday, or a Sunday for that matter. I’ve taught our dogs the concept of the weekend. Now I just need to teach the boss the same concept.

Marketing marketing marketing. That seems to be our main focus at the moment. Whatever works, I say. I am taking my tea mug to work with me today. Some teabags too. 4 hours without a cuppa is not conducive to my creative ability. Nor my typing ability for that matter.

I’ve a quick half an hour for some practice too. Cliffs of Dover won’t learn itself and there is a Showcase on the 14th December so I really had better practice something as I don’t reckon that Three Little Birds is going to cut it.



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