Busy busy busy!

I have practiced this week. Really I have. Just not as much as I would have liked.

I have been busy trying to sort a database out for Norwich Guitar Academy ready for future Marketing, another for contact numbers. As well as that I’ve been having a bit of a rewrite of some other text, putting it into Leigh speak rather than corporate speak. I’ve been updating the facebook page with guitar quotes, the occasional picture and whatnot too.

Practice this week has been a bit 10 minutes here and 20 minutes there. Friday morning I knuckled down and got totally to grips with Fleetwood Mac, Need Your Love So Bad, and got half way though the outro too. Then I realised that it was getting late and that I ought to go to work or I would be horribly late. The outro has been really frustrating as I can’t seem to find all of it on YouTube at all. It kinds of fades out half way though so I’m fine on the first bit of it, then have to use The Force for the timing of the rest of it. It’ll be fine in the end though.

Cliffs of Dover didn’t get as much attention as I’d have liked but I have this week to learn it too. It’s not like it’s going to run away anywhere. I have Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight for this week’s main homework. It’s one of those tracks that I’ve meant to get around to but just haven’t.

I would like to start thinking about grades now. I’m sure that I’ve learned enough to start on them. I’ll mention it in earnest I think. I’ve left it a while as I couldn’t bare the thought of Leigh rolling around on the floor, clutching his sides while he howled with mirth. After a casual chat about grades in general earlier, and he didn’t say anything like “oh you are far too pants to even consider them” I might see about applying myself to a bit of guitar academia.

I went mad and bought a new album today as well. I bought the Joe Bonamassa album that was released in September this year. It’s taken me 2 months as I forgot about it until today. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Definitely worth the wait. An hour or so ago I found the official video for the single – it’s on the Joe Bonamassa link. I was right about the guitar too – we had a brief discussion about it at the end of tonight’s lesson.

Talking of new albums. The wonderful Thunder have a new album out in February next year. A short tour as well. I’ll start nagging Husband. Not at this second as it’s half 2 in the morning, but in a few hours I’ll mention it to him. Repeatedly.

It’s the middle of the night. I’m torn between getting some sleep. Not very tired but think that I’m coming in for something. Or getting a bit of practice in. I have headphones so I won’t upset the neighbours.

Decisions decisions.


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