Sadly lacking in the blogging department

Well I have been.

I am still trying to get to grips with Cliffs of Dover but have been somewhat sidetracked by Alone With You, from Eric Johnson’s Seven Worlds album. I just love it

I wish that I had the time to get more practice in but it’s been hard lately as life keeps getting in the way and practice at midnight (with headphones) is fast becoming the norm around here. With an ill husband, dogs, work, cycling and a seemingly never ending stream of stuff that really needs to be done before I can have fun, my poor guitar has taken a back seat of late and I’m getting a bit fed up with the situation.

I need to sit down and work out some sort of schedule. Since stopping my dog grooming business – last lot of accounts being sorted and the tax return being done in the next couple of days – my life has been a bit strange without its usual structure. When I was working properly, I had time to do things. Now my days are more flexible, I don’t. All the too-ing & fro-ing with Husband, to the hospital is not helping matters.

On the upside, the sun has been shining of late so I’ve been able to get out and do some nice, outdoor exercise. Still not practice though, but it seems such a shame not to get out on my extortionately expensive bike and get some miles in while I have the weather.

I did teach myself Up Around the Bend the other day, which was great fun. I’ve also had a wee crack at Whole Lot of Rosie too, as well as re-learning Parisienne Walkways, as I’d forgotten most of it. I’m playing most days but would like to get a couple of hours or more in a day.

New work, is going OK. I am building databases, talking to customers, organising things and trying to get a meeting with one of the local shops so I can offer a prize for a wee competition we are going to run. Having a whole week, out of action and in horrendous pain, in the run up to Easter, hasn’t helped much at all. I couldn’t think, let alone talk to people. Actually, one side of my head was so swollen, I really couldn’t talk to people. My Husband said that I sounded drunk, and as I don’t actually drink, he found it quite amusing. I was a bit all over the place on some pretty pokey painkillers and failed to see the humour in it all.

We, at Norwich Guitar Academy, will have some fun news soon. Things are in the pipeline and deadlines set. I will blog more and will get news up on here as soon as I have it. Meanwhile, I’ve got some Eric Johnson to learn.



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