Practice practice

I’ve had a pretty good practice day today.

I started with Alone with you.

Trying to get those slides and whatnot is playing havoc with my fingers, but I practice them in 5 minute bursts and they seem to be coming along.

Cliffs of Dover intro, is blooming hard work. Finger are getting faster. I work at the first bar, and get some speed up, then the second bar and then the 3rd bar. Then put the whole lot together, rinse and repeat. Then the 4th, 5th & 6th and so on and so forth. Steve Vai says to practice giving every note it’s own zip code. I’m assuming that he means postcode, with me being of the English persuasion. I figure that Steve Vai probably knows what he is talking about, so that’s how I practice.

I’ve been going really of piste today with some CCR, some easy exercises and chord changes to mix things up a bit, then back to the EJ. I have bought 2 new EJ CDs today too. Live in Europe and Up Close – Another Look. Can’t wait for them to arrive.

Things are moving along on the Norwich Guitar Academy front too.
We have had a chat about prizes with a local guitar shop, which was very positive. Very positive about the NGA-day we are planning in the near future as well. I’d better order some extra biscuits in if we are having people over.

While in the shop, I saw the most gorgeous, 2nd hand guitar too. Nearly £700 though. I’m wondering if I can take my wages in guitar 🙂

Back to work then.



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