A bit of background

I have always wanted to learn to play a guitar.

When I was a kid, my parents bought me an acoustic guitar for Christmas and I used the money that my Grandparents gave me to buy Burt Weedon’s Play in a Day book. For some bizarre reason, my parents confiscated this book before I had even got it up to my bedroom. I saved my pocket money and bought the book again. Again, it was confiscated, I know not why. This happened a further 6 times and I gave up. The guitar gathered dust.

I tried taking it to school to get someone there to show me but the parents were having none of it. Too expensive to be taken out of the house apparently. I borrowed a library book that my parents returned the same day and requested that no music books were loaned to me. I asked friends but none of them played and then the guitar vanished. I came home from school and it was just gone. I asked as to it’s whereabouts but was told not to worry about it and that was that. I have no idea what their motivation to behave in this way was. They are long in their graves so I can’t ask. I just reckon that they were a bit weird. Funny thing is, I have

Naturally this was before the internet, mobile phones and the instant information that we can lay our hands on nowadays. I confess to being ever so slightly envious of today’s kids as they have whatever information they choose at their fingertips. I did have other things to keep me occupied. I was bright at school, I had a bike and access to a pony so I wasn’t exactly deprived. I did have a bit of a penchant for music though.

When I left school I had a full time job and a college course so no time to play, or not if I wanted to actually sleep so the idea of actually playing music was on hold. I listened, of course. To the radio, to LPs, 45s, cassettes and then CDs and downloads. I built and sold a couple of businesses, got married, divorced, built another business, but never quite got around to replacing that guitar and the Bert Weedon book.

One day, I suddenly realised that it was the beginning of September 2013 and I was 49 1/2. Nearly 5 decades had passed and I couldn’t play the guitar. That was a bit of a shock really so I started searching on the internet for a guitar teacher who was vaguely local and who could lend me a guitar to start off with. After all, I might hate it and the various bits of damage to my hands and wrists over the course of a career with horses and dogs might not allow me to play. My right wrist was as stiff and unrelenting as a damaged wrist can be after a particularly nasty break in 2010 so a taster lesson was booked and the rest is history, as they say.

I thought that I would write a blog about my learning and progress. I should have started in September 2013, but, as you’ll have gathered by now, I don’t always get around to doing things that I want to do right away.

Onwards then.



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